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Maternity Care Services

Maternity Care Services

The goal of prenatal care is to guide an expectant mother through the
stages of pregnancy, recognizing problems, and preparing her for the arrival of her new baby.
Prenatal care will be provided by me surrounded by your loved
ones and will allow us to get to know one another. If you live in Winchester we can even do all of this in your home.  

I collect health information necessary for ensuring a safe pregnancy, going over all tests and ultrasounds completed, and preparing for the day of your baby’s birth.
If there are any problems that arise, I will manage what can be managed in Midwifery care and consult and refer for pregnancies that may become complicated.

Women choose to see me to have Midwifery led prenatal care and intend to give birth in the hospital.  I individualize care to each mother and her desires as is medically safe.  Your maternity care will be  completed entirely by me and allows you to have one on one care throughout your pregnancy.  Once you go into labor you will go to the hospital for your birth.  OB Hospitalist Physicians and Midwives are there to care for you during your labor and birth.  Doula services can be arranged as you feel you need. 

The initial visit includes gathering a history and a risk assessment to be
sure you are an excellent candidate for Midwifery care. I discuss
many details of your prenatal care and begin the commitment to Midwifery care.

You will have visits monthly until 28 weeks. At this time, I will see you every other week until the last month of your pregnancy when I begin seeing you weekly. If you pass your expected delivery date, I will likely see you twice a week. I can always see you for any problems that may arise and I am available to personally communicate with  my clients while they are pregnant.

Prenatal care is a time to focus on excellent health for both you and your baby! It is a time for reflection and to look with hope at what is to come.
It gives me joy to guide you through this!

Birth Care Services
weighing baby Jameson_edited_edited_edited.jpg

When your special day (or night) arrives, you will contact me.  I will then notify the hospital you are coming and be sure they have what they need to assume your care for your labor and birth. Doula services are an option and encouraged. 

I have helped with many amazing births.  Some births are hard and some are easy. Each baby is born with its own story.  

While I love birth in all settings, currently I am not providing Out of Hospital birth services.  In addition to my Maternity and Women's Healthcare practice, I work as a Midwife hospitalist part time. 

"Babies are such a nice way to start people."

                                             Don Herold

Postpartum Care Services

Postpartum Care Services


I am available for questions and concerns anytime during this period.
My clients will be given 3 week and 6 week followup by me after their planned hospital birth. 

At the end of your postpartum care, it is not the end of our time
together. I hope to continue with you for your Women's Healthcare needs as long as you desire.

As a former Breastfeeding consultant and as a mother to three breastfed children I can help with many early breastfeeding issues or refer to a practicing Lactation Consultant as needed. 

Well Woman Care Services

Women's Healthcare Services

I have been so lucky to have women I have been giving care to for my entire career.  Some of had babies with me, some have not. 

I truly hope my Maternity care clients choose to see me for their continued care.  Nurse Midwifery care includes office gynecology across the lifespan. 

I weekly see women for the following:

  • Well Woman Exams

  • Simple GYN problem visits

  • Menopause care

  • Adolescent gynecology care

  • Family planning and contraception

  • Breast Health

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

Gynecology care will be provided by me at the “Healing Hands Integrated
Wellness &  Primary Care” office where I have a gynecology exam room available.  I see Women's Healthcare patients each Wednesday by appointment.
Please call my office number or use the office email to schedule this.  I am not an associated practitioner with Healing Hands, and they will not be
able to assist you with an appointment or questions.

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